Learn to Fly 3

Learn to Fly 3

Date added: 03/04/2019

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Learn to Fly 3 is the most recent addition in the series that you can play here on kizi jogos online. In this game, you will have to complete all the challenges in the game with your launcher. After each journey, you will earn a sum of money. How much money you can earn is depending on your speed, air-time, and altitude reached. And you can use the money to purchase an upgrade for your launcher or even buy a new one.

Teach a little penguin how to fly and prove that penguins can make it into space! Upgrade your boosters in the hangar. Use stronger stages first if you are too heavy. Fly higher and faster to collect more money. Running out of fuel or falling down will end the current day. Earn medals by completing various tasks and unlock new game modes.

There are total 4 modes in this game including Story Mode, Payload Mode, Classic Mode and Sandbox Mode. You will have to pass the story mode to unlock the 3 last ones.

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Game controls:

Use the Arrow keys to Move

Use Space to Booste

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