Pocket Ninja

Pocket Ninja

Date added: 24/06/2019

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Welcome to the most fascinating ninja battle ever. All of those things are only games Pocket Ninja at kizi online Games for kids. You can completely play the game for free on your computer or mobile phone. Join now! At the beginning of the game, there are many levels that appear before you, you will start with level 1, so it is also the easiest level. Then you will start playing with your ninja your mission in this game is to control your character to destroy the opponent. But the never game is not without challenges for you.

So you can destroy the opponent that you need to have the ability to observe around because your opponent is very large they can attack at any time. Because your number is very limited, you need to have really good combat skills in controlling your character to be able to stab your opponent and destroy them quickly. Using a sword to stab once your opponent has not died yet, you need to destroy it several times until the top of the opponent shows up in red then you are the winner. If you are unlucky to be defeated by your enemy, your game will end in failure.

Try to become a leading Ninja of this battle in the game Pocket Ninja at https://www.kizigames.games/. Do not hesitate to share the joy with your friends and invite them to participate in this great play game to enjoy. Why don't you challenge yourself and other similar game types like One Hand Cowboy and Alien Plannet 3D Shooter?

Game controls:

Use the mouse pointer, arrow keys.

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