The Last Stand: Union City

The Last Stand: Union City

Date added: 04/04/2019

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The Last Stand Union City is an awesome and challenging RPG with elements of survival and zombie apocalypse gameplay that you can play here on kizi best jogos. Your car has crashed and you need to get to safety but you are surrounded by flesh eating zombies and the world you once knew has totally changed. 

In this game, you have to make your way through your home town and survive the near endless onslaught of undead. Over time, and a lot of shot up skulls and other body parts, you will improve your skills. Scavenge abandoned buildings for useful tools and become better at killing zombies. Accomplish tasks to gain experience points and unlock new areas. 

You must work your way through the city, search through every building and try to find supplies, food, equipment and weapons. Use the weapons you find to eliminate any zombies that you see and keep a stock of supplies for your survival. This new world if harsh and you must work hard to stay alive! As your character levels up you can upgrade their abilities to improve your chances of survival. Can you make a last stand and find your way in the city? update new games similar to this game for players to explore in their free time and you will be amazed at the world of other games like Orange Roulette and Learn to Fly 3. Choose one of those games and save it to your favorite game list today. 

Game controls:

Use the WASD to Move/Jump/Crouch

R to Reload

F to Flashlight

E to Activate

G to Give Weapon/Save Companion

Mouse to Aim and Shoot

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