Date added: 10/04/2019

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Zazuki is a simple two player samurai fighting flash game that you can play here on kizi unblocked jogos. The game is an endless fighting game that records the score of each player. In this game, each player will take control of their respective “samurai” character.

Learn the way of the samurai and defeat your friend in a samurai deathmatch! Taunt your opponent with a flash and attack him afterwards in Zazuki! The samurais have only 4 moves: Block, Charge, Flash, and Attack. Flash and Attack can only be executed after charging. Block the enemy’s attack to make room for a counter attack and score a point! You will need nerves of steel and the courage of a lion to remain unharmed. A little bit of luck wouldn't be so bad, either. update the basic gaming tips that players can hardly ignore. Discover other journeys as you start your own game such as Zombie Mission and Quake. Similar games with this game will be more interesting than ever. 

Game controls:

Use the WASD/ Arrows to Block / Charge / Fight

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